Torsten Herbst - Neue Kraft für Sachsen
Herbst Torsten Herbst - Neue Kraft für Sachsen

My biography

On 23rd of August 1973 I was born in Dresden's hospital 'Friedrichstadt'.
I spent the first two years of my life in Dresden's South in Zschertnitz. There I also attended the 111th ‘Gottfried Semper' school until the 10th grade. In 1992 I earned my high school diploma at the "Gymnasium Dresden-Plauen". After my year of community service in the hospital, I studied economy at the University of Applied Sciences Dresden (HTW). I passed the examination as a graduate businessman in International Business Studies. Conditional to my studies I ended up on the British Island in 1995/1996 - first in Liverpool and later near Birmingham. There is no question that this was an exciting experience for me, one I am happy I did not miss.

The leap in the occupational every day life started with my first real job in the press office of the ADAC Saxony, the largest German automobile association. I earned my first journalistic experiences earlier as an editor assistant at the MDR (public broadcasting tv station). In 1999 I changed to an advertising and pr agency in Dresden and now I advise middle class companies in the field of strategic marketing and public relations.

The members of the FDP in the Saxon State Parliament understand themselves not us full-time politicians. We believe being a state legislator is a mission not a life-long profession. Therefore, we conduct our original day jobs parallel to our mandate. It is obvious, that this takes a lot of time and effort. But compared to the most politicians we know real life problems.