Torsten Herbst - Neue Kraft für Sachsen
Herbst Torsten Herbst - Neue Kraft für Sachsen

More quality of education through more freedom.

Bildung_SchulkinerEducation is the essential key for personal happiness and our prospectively well-being. Saxony is doing better than other states. Still, every eleventh student in our state is leaving school without graduating. More than 600 000 lessons are cancelled every year. The way to school is getting longer because of the school’s closing policy of the governing parties CDU and SPD. Our schools are suffering because of bureaucratic spoon-feeding. And the country pumps a lot of money in repairing deficits after school instead of investing early.

Good education, of course, costs money. But those who invest early are finally saving. Therefore, we want more resources for the early education in Kindergarden and the appreciation of our elementary schools. It is not understandable why a teacher at the elementary school earns less money than his colleagues at the middle schools and the advanced schools. Especially the first years are the ones for the so called railroad switch. The teacher has a special responsibility to help young children at this time. We want more autonomy for schools. They should decide with a budget of there own, how they want to spent the money. Schools should decide which teacher they want to take instead of an authority that picks the teachers. We also want same chances for everyone. The early selection for middle school or advanced school (Gymnasium) should be eliminated. Long common learning through 6th grade and individual support belongs together. Success should be worthwhile in school again.

We need schools located in the neighbourhood area. Students should learn mathematic and German, not how to go by bus. Only when schools are located nearby, will the students develop optimally. We do not believe, that students get better grades, when they stand at bus stops at 6 am in all weather conditions.

Saxony needs also academies with European top level. Therefore the FDP wants to increase the influence of Students on Saxons Academies and the quality of education. With the launch of student fees, Saxons academies will be competitive, give more quality and service and will be more attractive for students. This will be financially worth it for academies. We have to free the academies from the corset of the State Ministry of Science. Motivation, ideas and success are just possible with more freedom and independence. Therefore each academy should decide separately about finances, staff, the rang of classes and the selection of students. Elite Universities do not come to existence on the so called green table. The demand for students and the allocation of assignments of economy will show, which university or academy will be the elite in competition.

More information in the Landtag election manifesto of the FDP Saxony.