Torsten Herbst - Neue Kraft für Sachsen
Herbst Torsten Herbst - Neue Kraft für Sachsen

Election of the Saxon Parliament


The election of the 5th. Saxon Parliament takes place on the 30st of August 2009.

Torsten Herbst accedes for the second time as a direct candidate in the electoral district 44 in Dresden.

On 31st of january 2009 he was elected on second list postion with 223 out of 242 valid votes (92.5 percent) at the assembly of representatives of states of the FDP.

Top candidate is the chairman of state and fraction of the free democrats Holger Zastrow.

At the election of the Saxon Parliament 2004 Torsten Herbst achieved 8.8 percent of the direct votes in electoral district (absolute votes: 3973). The FDP-list got 6.8 percent of the votes (absolute votes: 3100). Torsten Herbst moved into the Saxon Parliament with the FDP-state-list. 
The electoral district 44 (Dresden 2) is one of six electoral districts of the state capital Dresden for the election of the saxon parliament. It covers 19 square kilometers and mostly consists of the minor exchange area Blasewitz. Thereto belong the districts Blasewitz, Striesen, Gruna, Seidnitz, Tolkewitz and Dobritz. Out of the minor exchange area Loschwitz the city districts of Loschwitz and Wachwitz come along.

In electoral district 44 live about 86,000 people. The average age is 44 years. The electoral district 44 is located in the east of the city center of Dresden and is crossed by the river Elbe.

“Blaues Wunder” (Blue Wonder) a steel carcase bridge between Schillerplatz and Körnerplatz is the most famouse landmark.