Torsten Herbst - Neue Kraft für Sachsen
Herbst Torsten Herbst - Neue Kraft für Sachsen

For a family-friendly Saxony

FamilieThe future of a country remains to be seen in dealing with children. Saxony should aim to be the child friendliest state in Germany. Therefore we have to support and to develop child care facilities. Not all of the young parents can find a kindergarden or a day nursery which is close to their homes. Often the opening time of kindergardens is not convenient for people that need the service. That makes it often hard to manage a family and the job together. Therefore, we need better and more flexible child care facilities. Therefore the last kindergarten year should be a preschool year for everybody and for free.

Fortunately the rate of child birth is increasing in Saxony. Young families are planning to have their own future here. But, in rural areas the perspective is getting worse. The closing of medical facilities, schools, the lack of shopping possibilities and free time possibilities reduces the quality of living enormously. With specific appreciation of rural areas, we want to assure that families, from grandchildren up to grandparents feel at home in Saxony.

More information in the Landtag election manifesto of the FDP Saxony.