Torsten Herbst - Neue Kraft für Sachsen
Herbst Torsten Herbst - Neue Kraft für Sachsen

Renewing Saxony – Starting in the State Parliament

LandtagSaxony is a great state. In the last years incredible things have happened. Still, we can see that it is not progressing smoothly, because the CDU/SPD government lost its ambition. We want to establish our state as a leader in Germany. The FDP is using Saxonies optimistic mood and ambitious spirit like it used to be in the nineteen nineties. To do so Saxons have to change, and we have to start with it in the parliament.

Some representatives are sitting for 18 years in the legislative assembly of Saxony. No wonder that the sight of worries and hardships of the Saxons is getting lost. A big raise of the parliamentary allowances or luxury pensions are often seen as normal. We want to change this. Instead of employed politicians, in a parliament should be those who already have a job. A part time parliament would make it possible to connect job and mandate. The advantage is that people that work in normal jobs stay connected to the real life problems. The quality of political decisions would increase and the respect of the state politicians would rise.

Politicians have to be a good example. Therefore we want a reduction of parliamentary allowances, privileges for politicians and luxury pensions. Since our suggestion failed on all other parties in the parliament we act on our own.
All seven representatives voluntarily cut the net amount of the last rising of parliamentary allowances. We donate this money to social and charitable aims in Saxony ( We waived a luxuriantly environment of our fraction offices and compared to other parties we do not have an official car. We believe that whoever asks the citizens to save money should start with themselves. This promotes more trust in acting politicians.

More information in the Landtag election manifesto of the FDP Saxony.