Torsten Herbst - Neue Kraft für Sachsen
Herbst Torsten Herbst - Neue Kraft für Sachsen

Future-oriented jobs for all Saxons

Wirtschaft_KraeneSaxony was one of wealthiest regions in Europe in the 1920s. War and the GDR time made Saxony fall behind in economic development. Since the peaceful revolution in 1989 free entrepreneurship is possible again. Many people from Saxony participated actively in economic development and assumed many risks. That it is going better for us than it does in many other states in Eastern-Germany, is common of successfully companies and motivated employees. It is also a result of correctly economic planning of the course of the government in the nineteen nineties.

But, the dynamic of the foundation years is gone because of the the unassuming economic policy of the governing political parties CDU and SPD. We are convinced that Saxony is able to do better. But to do so, we have to free companies from the trammels. Low taxes would employ more people and would also leave more of the earnings in their pockets. But even the lowest reduction in bureaucracies has failed by our state government. Therefore it makes no sense at all, that full automatic car washes have to be lawfully closed on Sunday. This little example shows, that challenges in a global world are still not practiced. It is not enough, to create economic lighthouses in the big cities. We have to assist the rural areas. Only on this way can we fight migration and keep both old and young in our home.

In 2019 a special financial support of Saxony expires. Then, we have to be economically independent. Saxonies FDP is convinced that we can succeed. Saxony has the potential not to live always on subsidies but to be one of the leading economic areas in Germany and Europe.

More information in the Landtag election manifesto of the FDP Saxony.